MKinsight Enterprise Risk Management

mkinsight audit management system

Trusted by Companies, Governments and Individuals Worldwide

MKinsight ERM is the next generation of Enterprise Risk Management Software with its use a fully on-line and highly flexible ERM methodologies.

"VERY FLEXIBLE METHODOLOGIES enabling risk team to work with their own approach."

Key Features

Seamlessly Integrated Single Database

MKinsight is a fully integrated system working from one SQL Server database for all functionality – making day to day work and reporting simple and seamless.

Web Based Global Working

MKinsight is unique in the way it harnesses the efficiency of web based .Net functionality enabling access 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the World.

Fully Configurable Terminology And Methodologies

In addition to highly flexible functionality (e.g. limitless risk assessment methodologies) ALL terminology is fully configurable in MKinsight.

Complete Data Security

All data (included attached / embedded documents) are held in a fully encrypted format guaranteeing data security at all times, also all data transmissions are fully encrypted.

Exceptional User Interface

MKinsight is repeatedly selected for its up to date, easy to use and pleasing on the eye User interface which makes full use of the current programming capabilities of .Net

Role Based Privileges

MKinsight has easily visible and usable functionality fully tailored based on a comprehensive Role based privilege system.

Unique Assessment Methodologies

MKinsight provides unique flexibility to allow existing Risk Assessment Methodologies to be adopted within the system ensuring Users are not limited in any way – in addition Risk Methodologies can be easily changed if the organisation changes its approach (e.g. changing from single to multiple Impact Categories).

Robust Development Programme

Committed and successful track record in delivering User Group requests for expansion to functionality across the system.


With MKinsight’s global expansion it is a multi-language system with English(UK), English(US), French, French(Can), Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Indonesian already available – additional languages can be made available with just 3 weeks notice.

Secure Hosted and Self-Hosted options

MKinsight is available as a fully hosted solution, utilized by both our Government and Commercial clients around the world. We use our own dedicated, co-located data centres to ensure a fully secure service with comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms in place.

Audit Management Integration

MKinsight has the ability to embed directly into Morgan Kai’s World Leading Audit Management Software, MKinsight

Active Directory Integration

MKinsight is available with complete Active Directory Integration.


"MKinsight keeps a full reportable history and audit trail of any and all changes to Risks within the system."

Key Functionality

Documenting Risks

Risks can be documented in MKinsight with a wide variety of information in a set of unlimited fields. The names of ALL fields are fully configurable and typical fields. Also MKinsight keeps a full reportable history and audit trail of any and all changes to Risks within the system.

Assessing Risks

Risk Assessments in MKinsight can be undertaken using whatever Risk Assessment Methodology and Scoring System you may wish to employ. For example, Risks in MKinsight can have one or multiple assessments.

Creating Unlimited Risk Registers

MKinsight provides the ability for Users to create an unlimited number of Risk Registers that are based on Universes where the User can create a Risk Universe (often reflecting the structure of their organisation) and then create Risk Registers for every entity in the Universe at any level of the Universe.

Risk Assessment Surveys / Campaigns

MKinsight has powerful functionality designed to adapt to each organisation’s preferred Risk Assessment methodology. MKinsight accommodates many options in order to ensure that each new Risk team adopting MKinsight can reflect their own preferred methodologies and way of working directly in MKinsight.

Creating And Managing Controls

MKinsight allows each Risk to have a range of Controls documented and monitored. Controls fall into three broad categories:

  • Regular Controls (specific to the Risk in question)
  • Standard Controls (applicable to multiple Risks)
  • Proposed Controls (to be implemented in the future)

MKinsight™ Reporting & Alerts

MKinsight enables all Risk Users to stay completely up to date at all times with a series of reporting options and on onscreen and email alerts. Access to, and management of, the Alerting Service is controlled by MKinsight’s extensive Role Based permission system.

Comprehensive Reporting

MKinsight has very comprehensive reporting capability such as Heat Maps, Filterable Full Details Reports, Trend Reports, Standard Layout Reports, Bespoke Reports, and Ad Hoc Reports. Access to reports is based on User permissions and the content of these reports can be driven by powerful filtering capabilities based on ANY fields associated with Risks.

Role Based Permissions

MKinsight allows each team to define their own User Roles which dictate what each person can and can’t do in the system. Consequently MKinsight puts each team in control of how they want each person to work and how much access they have to various information. The number of Roles and how they are defined in MKinsight are fully configurable.

"Risk surveys can also be used to gather Risk Assessments from an unlimited number of participants and their average score can be used and, or overridden by a Risk Manager."