IDEA Server – Collaborative Analytics



IDEA Server works seamlessly with other data sources, so you can quickly share analytics, all from an easy-to-use interface.

IDEA® Server is the perfect blend of technology, performance and usability

Analytics have never been this powerful, and easy-to-use.

Accelerate performance

As data keeps on growing, you are facing more challenges with ever increasing complexity and limited IT resources.

With IDEA Server, analytics are accelerated by powerful server based processing, allowing users to simultaneously perform their audit tasks.

IDEA Server saves you time by bridging the gap between your desktop and data center. Access and analyze data on demand, all within a secure server environment. The right data is always available.

When results are readily available, you can respond quickly to errors, anomalies, and fraudulent activity.

Protect your analytical assets

All departments share a vested interest in the organization’s success, but when facing data access and management challenges, IT departments may be concerned about sharing data access outside of the data centers.

IDEA Server meets these challenges by providing seamless data access to users while enabling IT to secure and optimize data management:

  • Data is centrally stored in a secure server environment and streamed to the desktop based on user access.
  • Restrictive permissions can be easily set to eliminate unauthorized access to audit project data.
  • User access is controlled through direct integration with Microsoft® Active Directory.
Speak from the same data

Data redundancy is a common and costly problem for many organizations. It distorts the facts and delays decisive and corrective action.

Isolated databases and spreadsheets are too often the norm, creating deviating views, rather than a realistic version on records.

IDEA Server stamps out data redundancy by providing a single point of access to data drawn from multiple systems. Source data is never moved, altered, duplicated, or deleted, so you and other users can make decisions based on accurate information.

Project Overview depicting a typical process pathway in Graphic mode

IDEA Server automates and accelerates data acquisition like no other analytics software

Develop a collaborative approach to data analysis you never thought possible.

Cut your work time in half

Cut your work time in half.On the surface, IDEA Server provides the utmost in seamless usability. Behind the scenes, it’s a robust database engine for automated data transfers from ERP, ETL, and other systems.

Project Overview, IDEA’s interactive process trail, provides a visual analysis of your analytics, so you can identify and automate repetitive ad-hoc tasks, save and share workflows, standardize business processes, and establish best practices across your teams.

IDEA Server takes Project Overview’s remarkable functionality one step further, so you can see and automate workflows from the whole team and cut the analytical steps in half.

Share for success

IDEA Server allows you to work more efficiently together by providing secure, self-service access to data and offering collaborative support.

Share for success by moving files seamlessly between your personal and corporate projects. IDEA Server transforms the IDEA Library into a secure, collaborative workspace, so you can share your work for gains in performance, communication, and insight.

Team leaders can instantly enhance collaboration by adding frequently used files and other business-critical data to the Corporate Library for colleagues to copy to their current Desktop project.

Get more from your data Get more from IDEA

As business needs change, technology should change too.

IDEA Server is a scalable analytical platform that grows with your business data, employee base, and server architecture. Easily add users and servers or expand into other CaseWare® technologies, including SmartAnalyzer, SmartExporter, and Monitor.

IDEA and IDEA Server together form the perfect-match system for users. Experience IDEA’s outstanding usability, IDEA Server’s collaborative framework, and see your analytics in action.

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