CaseWare Monitor – Continuous Monitoring System

CaseWare Monitor Continuous Monitoring System

Enterprise controls monitoring to help improve decision making

Business executives can now mitigate risks and improve their processes by independently monitoring controls and transactions across multiple businesses and systems.

CaseWare Monitor Overview

Business Insights

With continuous controls monitoring business executives can become privy to insights that can improve their decision making and increase the overall success of the organization. The solution automatically detects errors or abuses across multiple business systems and delivers proactive alerts to business stakeholders throughout the organization. The business benefits from a sustainable feedback mechanism to improve both controls and the associated business processes.

More Efficient Audits and Monitoring of Controls

The move from a process of periodic auditing to one that is current allows Internal Audit to meet the increasing expectations from audit committees and executive management for insight that is timely and subsequently of higher value. Data feeds and analysis can be automated and repeated as needed allowing for more time to analyse significant risks.

Loss Prevention & ROI

Improved reaction time provides the business a greater opportunity to proactively resolve issues and prevent revenue leakage. The organization can realize greater profit potential and lower audit and compliance costs by reducing inaccurate and malicious reporting.


Profitable Insights

Continuous Transaction Monitoring

The CaseWare™ Monitor solution provides a single controls portal that enables all stakeholders within any organization to independently monitor controls and transactions across multiple businesses and systems. By providing a collaborative framework, our technologies detect breakdowns in internal controls, and allow users to solve underlying problems and prevent negative impacts on the company.

Internal Controls Framework

The use of effective internal controls systems, when implemented properly, is good business as it provides assurance that financial information is correct, businesses are operating efficiently, and assets are safeguarded. Addressing breakdowns in internal controls in a timely and efficient manner allows businesses to improve their profitability.

Open Design & Universal Application

CaseWare™ Monitor is perfectly suited to access and monitor data from telecom switches, ERPs, custom-made applications, and core banking and insurance applications. Regardless of the databases being used, the solution can monitor all of these business processes and effectively improve compliance and controls.

While CaseWare™ Monitor has pre-built solutions for many business processes and industries; its open design allows customers to build customized controls using established scripting tools such as IDEA® and ACL™. With these scripting tools and the framework approach, customers can monitor any control in any business process.


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